Training at Spout Springs Emergency Services

Firefighters who work at Spout Springs Emergency Services are expected to maintain proficiency in a variety of specialized skills that are necessary for firefighting and rescue operations. 


There are two levels of training at SSES.  The first level is in-house basic training.  These skills are taught by senior firefighters at our fire house.  They include learning about what fire is, how it works, how to protect yourself in emergency situations, and much more.  Once a firefighter has demonstrated mastery of these basic tasks, he/she is awarded a black helmet and is able to go inside a structure to fight fire. 


The second level of training is North Carolina certified training.  These classes are much more in-depth and are taught by state-certified instructors.  Once a firefighter completes these classes, they are certified by the State of North Carolina. 


Of course, training never stops.  Spout Springs Emergency Services conducts weekly training to ensure that the skills required to protect themselves, the citizens of Harnett County, and their property do not diminish. 




Training Hours (As Of July 2014)